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    Environmental Protection
    The basis for a solid business policy

In our company, environmental protection is an important component and the basis for a solid business policy

The observance of the legal provisions and requirements is a matter of course.

We consider the continuous improvement of our processes and procedures, which is guaranteed by regularly setting and reviewing environmental goals and implementing environmental protection measures, to be an ongoing mission.

It is our commitment to examine, monitor, assess and prevent or minimize the impact of our activities on the environment, such as waste water, noise, waste, emissions and energy, in accordance with technical and economic constraints.

Maintaining an open dialog with employees, the public and the authorities is also an important task for our company. Our supervisors have an obligation to guide and motivate their employees, drawing on their personal past - in terms of our environmental policy - and to ensure that the environmental policy is communicated and understood.

The environmental officer determines new environmental goals every year, which support the implementation of environmental policy. These goals are based on the assessment of environmental aspects, which is carried out in advance, and the improvement potentials identified during internal audits, certifications and external audits.

Our environmental goals, and the environmental measures formulated to meet them, are embedded in corrective and preventive actions as well as in our internal auditing procedures in order to ensure the application, suitability and effectiveness of our environmental management system and to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Renewable energy sources

LEONHARD WEISS relies on the use of renewable energies at all of its major locations. We have solar panels on the roof with approximately 450 kWp altogether. Heating and cooling the building is done via concrete core activation.

Green IT

The data center in Satteldorf focuses on environmental protection and sustainability. At an ambient temperature of less than eleven degrees Celsius, the building is cooled with only outside air with the help of free, indirect cooling. Only the systems are cooled, not the entire space (server cabinet cooling). Intelligent systems use the immediate resources and help to reduce a considerable amount of CO2 emissions.

Electric cars

As of September 2015, there are two e-Golfs in the LEONHARD WEISS vehicle fleet. These electric cars will be used for short-range trips in particular, as well as for daily courier trips between Göppingen and Satteldorf or vice versa.

E-Mobil Golf


A contribution to a better environment by Europcar and LEONHARD WEISS

LEONHARD WEISS maintains approximately 1,500 vehicles. The use of large machines and vehicles leads to environmental pollution, despite the extensive use of special filters and environmentally friendly lubricants.

At LEONHARD WEISS, sustainability and environmental awareness are not merely catch phrases. Wherever possible, the family makes sure that the burden it places on the environment is kept as low as possible and actively helps to decontaminate, recycle or safely store polluted materials.

"We not only make this claim for ourselves but also require it of our partners, such as service providers and subcontractors. Europcar Autovermietung GmbH has been one of these for many years, with its innovative fleet of vehicles. We pay special attention to environmental protection and ecological sustainability when renting vehicles," said a company representative. In 2013, Europcar contributed to the afforestation of 16,000 m2 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a financial donation to the LEONHARD WEISS-Group. The new forest area will absorb 160 tons of carbon dioxide on average during its growth period decade after decade.

In this way we ensured that 20% of the CO2 emissions from the fleets managed by Europcar for the LEONHARD WEISS-Group of Companies has been biologically compensated in 2013. These afforested areas will continue to contribute to this compensation for decades to come. PrimaKlima e.V. has certified this action by LEONHARD WEISS and Europcar as an exemplary contribution to climate protection.