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Terrazzo flooring in summary

For over 30 years LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik has been producing high-quality and extremely resistant Terrazzo flooring. The focus is set on technically mature system solutions for clean-room floors for the pharmaceutical industry and Terrazzo floors for industry and public buildings. The large portfolio is completed by a design floor for museums and exhibition rooms, Terrazzo floor for kitchens and a mineral design Terrazzo, which is produced without cements susceptible to fissures and thus hardly shrinks at all.

Terrazzo flooring in early times and today

Terrazzo is the description for flooring which was already known in ancient times. A Terrazzo floor traditionally is a wet screed floor, to which additional materials like marble or dolomite are added for decorative reasons and sometimes colour pigments. After curing the final shiny surface of the terrazzo floor is achieved by means of sanding and polishing.
Over the centuries the Terrazzo technology was further developed and successfully tested with other materials. The jointless surface giving the flooring its special appearance is a characteristic all Terrazzo floors have in common.

Innovative Terrazzo flooring

The attractive LW Pharma Terrazzo, LW Industry Terrazzo, LW Museums Terrazzo and LW Kitchen Terrazzo visually closely resemble a classic Terrazzo floor or natural stone floor. The modern Terrazzo floors are made of granulated material, which is mixed with a binding agent directly at the construction site to form a homogenous material. Afterwards the compound is applied to the screed in a manner to form one single continuous jointless flooring surface. After curing several layers of synthetic resin seal the surface, so that the result is a smooth, jointless, very robust and pressure resistant Terrazzo floor without pores.

Jointless surface and tested quality

No matter if connections to walls are carried out as jointless grooves or in triangular fashion or installations like slopes or drains – everything can be carried out, integrated, connected using the non-mineral LW Terrazzo floors. This is applicable for the construction of new buildings was well as for renovations.
LEONHARD WEISS fulfils the demanding quality requirements of our customers by means of our own product development, production, installation with our own employees and a co-ordinated project documentation. All floors have been thoroughly tested and correspond to the requirements of GMP, FDA and ISO.
Many colour variations are feasible with LW Terrazzo flooring. The surface can be carried out mat or with silk-gloss for many of the variants. All Terrazzo floors made by LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik are installed with our own salaried employees.

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