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    Hygienic cooking
    Resistant floor for kitchens

Jointless, robust and hygienic

In food preparation, the floor plays an important role, in order to fulfil the strict hygiene requirements. LW Kitchen Terrazzo fulfils all requirements according to the Workplaces Ordinances in the field of health and safety at work. The requirements in connection with the Foodstuffs and Commodities Act are also fulfilled. The hygienic floor corresponds to all legal prescriptions according to HACCP for the food industry and is also perfectly suitable for the use in cooling and deep-freeze rooms.

For canteen kitchens and restaurant kitchens

The synthetic resin floor in several layers made by LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik is absolutely jointless and continuously easy to clean for maximum hygiene. The technically mature flooring system for kitchens and the food industry achieves its characteristic appearance due to its special processing. The industrial floor closely resembles a classic Terrazzo or natural stone floor. The surface is available in the variations mat or silk-mat. On customer request LW Kitchen Terrazzo can be produced in different RAL colours.
The highly resistant kitchen floor is ideal for the preparation of food, like in canteen kitchens, cafeterias and casinos. A jointless floor of a canteen kitchen is also an important factor where safety is concerned. For the prevention of accidents in kitchens, slip-resistant, trip-proof floors are indispensable. LW Kitchen Terrazzo is available in different classes of slip-resistance (R9 to R13).

Floor and wall system with tightly sealed joints

All floor fittings like integrated platforms, drains, pipe penetrations, floor scales, as well as grooves and joints between walls and floors must be tightly sealed for a hygienically flawless kitchen floor. Microbes may not penetrate under or behind the floor or wall covering. For LW Kitchen Terrazzo LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik offers an excellent system solution. In addition to that, the coating can also be used for wall surfaces, which are connected to the floor without joints and continuously tightly sealed.

Technically mature system solutions

Thanks to our broad expertise LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik is able to install the jointless top floor and also to realise the required under-floor for an optimised floor construction (dismantling of the existing floor, cement screeds, enclosures, delivery of stainless steel fittings, angles, drains, gullies, frames, pipe penetrations, platforms).
With special cements the percentage of joints can be considerably reduces and the susceptibility to fissures almost excluded. We prefer complete composite solutions without the possibility of liquid penetration.

Convincing advantages


Aesthetically appealing hygienic floor

LW Kitchen Terrazzo is visually attractive and similar in appearance to a Terrazzo or natural stone. A wide range of colors is available. The surface is available with a matt, silk matt or polished finish. All floors are applied by our own permanent staff.


Jointless and

LW Kitchen Terrazzo is laid without joints. A non-porous surface is achieved after repeated smoothing with a solvent-free, light-resistant and finely penetrating epoxy resign. Alternatively the surface can be diamond-ground. Slip-resistance fram R9 - R13 available.



LW Kitchen Terrazzo is used in food preparation areas. It meets all requirements in accordance with workplace guidelines in the sense of occupational safety as well as the requirements in the sense of the Foodstuffs and Commodities Act.


Outstanding solutions for all details

Whether hollow moulding or triangular wall connections are required or installations like gradients, platforms or pipe sleeves have to incorporated - everything can be integrated and connected simply and easily. This applies to both new construction and redevelopment projects.



Wall coating