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LEONHARD WEISS was founded in 1900 and, today, can look back on a success story lasting more than 115 years

Sustainability has a special significance in all our thoughts and actions

We create, design and maintain - not only for today but also for future generations in order to maintain an ecological, social and economic system. As part of our sustainability development, environmental considerations are taken into account on an equal footing with social and economic points of view.

In order to recognize sustainability and sustainable actions and to review objectives that we have set for ourselves in terms of sustainable development, we need indicators that can "show" sustainability. In this context, it is necessary to rely on assessment criteria, and an instrument to measure the fulfillment of these criteria, which not only enables the monitoring of the sustainable development but also clarifies the requirements and consequences.

So it goes without saying that we are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 under the environmental management system. We can still look back with special pride on our mission statement from 1989, in which we already at that time laid the roots for sustainable thought and action.