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The flawless design floor for museums and exhibition rooms

Museums are often iconic buildings of a town and great crowd pullers. Architecture and high-quality materials play an important role in museums. A well laid museum floor shows the respective exhibits to advantage. But it can also accentuate the interior decoration of the room. LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik has developed, produced and laid design floors for museums and exhibitions for many decades on the highest level.

UV resistant flooring in attractive design

A museum floor must be extremely resistant because of the large number of visitors and heavy exhibits. At the same time, the floor must be aesthetic and easy to clean. LW Museums Terrazzo is highly robust, pressure-resistant and available in many elegant colour variations. In addition to that, the easy to clean surface is permanently UV resistant. With LW Museums Terrazzo, which closely resembles classic Terrazzo flooring, a smooth floor surface completely without joints can be realised. LW Museums Terrazzo is available slip- resistant or skid proof according to the respective requirements. All the details like wall connections, corners, technologic equipment integrated in the floor or special flooring like electric cable routes for blind persons and clean runs zones can be aesthetically integrated into the design floor. The surface can be carried out mat, silk-mat or with sanded visual appearance.

Correctly laying Museums Terrazzo

In museums LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik lays the floor according to the instructions of the Committee for Sanitary Evaluation of building products (Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten (AgBB)). This demonstrably guarantees the quality of the air in the room. In order not to damage exhibits, LW Museums Terrazzo has got a BEMMA Certificate (BEMMA = Bewertung von Emissionen aus Materialien für Museums-Ausstattungen (evaluation of emissions from materials for the equipment of museums)) for museums and showcases. LW Museums Terrazzo can also be laid on steps of stairs or double floors.

Technically mature system solutions

Thanks to our large expertise at LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik, we install the jointless surface floors ourselves and also realise the required underground for an optimised floor construction [dismantling of existing floor, cement screeds, enclosures, delivery of stainless steel installations, angles, drains, gullies, frames, pipe penetrations, platforms etc.].
By means of special kinds of cement the percentage of joints can be considerably reduced and the susceptibility to fissures almost excluded.

Convincing advantages


Aesthetically appealing design floor

LW Museums Terrazzo is visually attractive and similar in appearance to Terrazzo or natural stone. A wide range of colors is available. The surface ist available with a matt, semi-matt or polished finish. All floors are applied by our own permanent staff.


Jointless and

LW Museums Terrazzo is laid without joints. A non-porous surface is achieved after repeated smoothing with a solvent-free, light-resistant and finely penetrating epoxy resign. Alternatively the surface can be diamond-ground.


GMP- and

LW Museums Terrazzo is used for exhibition halls, museums, showrooms and reception areas. A floor that complies with the German Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB) guidelines is also available.


Outstanding solutions for all details

Whether hollow moulding or triangular wall connections are required or installations like gradients, platforms or pipe sleeves have to incorporated - everything can be integrated and connected simply and easily. This applies to both new construction and redevelopment projects.