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    Clean-room floor for the pharmaceutical industry

Clean-room floor for the pharmaceutical industry

Requirements for clean-room floors

Production and laboratory rooms must fulfil high hygienic requirements. The clean-room floors LW Pharma Terrazzo of LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik can be used in production rooms of medicinal products according to EC regulation and are suitable as jointless flooring for the pharmaceutical industry, medical engineering, clinics and laboratories. The visual appearance closely resembles a classic Terrazzo: with mat or silk-mat surfaces in different colours the jointless floor LW Pharma Terrazzo can be individually adapted to the respective field of application.

Jointless floor

A floor without joints offers little room for microbes. A hygienically flawless clean-room floor offers a jointless, continuous and wear-resistant surface without pores. It may not show any flaws or damages even after heavy mechanical, thermal or chemical exposure after several years.
LW Pharma Terrazzo is installed as absolutely jointless floor. By means of several layers of solvent-free, good photostable and finely penetrating epoxy resin a surface without pores is achieved and a smooth, jointless, extremely robust and pressure-resistant clean-room floor is created.

Permanently sealed connections

All floor installations like platforms, drains, pipe penetrations, floor scales, as well as grooves and wall-floor-connections must also stay tightly sealed and microbes may not enter under or behind the flooring. In order to perfectly install these details, a jointless floor like LW Pharma Terrazzo is much more suitable than a prefabricated product in boards or sheets, because a floor produced on site without joints can be individually adapted.

Surface easy to clean and to disinfect

The reference when it comes to hygiene in clean-rooms is stainless steel: as the material is used for surfaces getting in contact with the product, it sets the standards. Extensive tests have demonstrated that the clean-room floor LW Pharma Terrazzo is as perfectly easy to clean and disinfect as a stainless steel surface.

GMP and FDA conform floor

LW Pharma Terrazzo clean-room floors fulfil all requirements according to EC regulation of good manufacturing practice (GMP) for medicinal products and FDA (US standard). On request also available as electrically conductive (ECF) or discharging (DIF) floor. The jointless floor is free of solvents, free of emissions and awarded fire protection classification Bfl-s1. In case of fire the floor does not peel off.

Installation of clean-room floor

LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik develops and produces clean-room floors and installs these hygienic floors all over Europe. Thanks to the extensive internal expertise, the company is not only able to install the jointless floors, but also realises the required sub-floor for an optimised floor construction [dismantling of existing floor, cement screeds, enclosures, delivery of stainless steel installations, angles, drains, gullies, frames, pipe penetrations, platforms etc.]

Clean-room floors for different applications

    LW Pharma Terrazzo
    The hygienic floor for the pharmaceutical industry. Also available as conductive floor.
    LW Pharma Terrazzo CRL
    The highly chemical resistant and electrically highly conductive floor for the fine chemicals and active ingredients industry (API Industry with GMP and FDA requirements).
    LW Pharma Terrazzo Natur
    The hygienic floor which can be installed by means of machines for large open spaces without fittings.