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    health and safety
    The health and safety of
    our employees is essential!

As a family business, LEONHARD WEISS places great importance on occupational health and safety issues

A practiced, open approach to management and error correction is as important as the responsible and sustainable actions of every individual

The safety and health of employees is an essential requirement for the successful operation of a company and this is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor. In this regard, the working conditions and the type of activities carried out greatly influence not only the health, but also the motivation of employees. Accidents and illnesses lead to absenteeism, stoppages, decreases in quality and damage the company's reputation, and therefore also lead to unnecessary additional costs.

Occupational health and preventive measures in the context of occupational health policies are significantly influenced by an awareness of prevention that is integrated into the corporate culture and by the commitment and competence of corporate governance and management. We have set ourselves to these changes, issues and tasks in the work environment. So it goes without saying that, among other things, we have an understanding of the mental stress and strain on the employees, we encourage the development of management methods and tools that promote self-regulation, we place great importance on maintaining the ability to work and we take on the problem of demographic change.

One of our greatest responsibilities is to empower our employees to be able to take joint responsibility for their professional, preventive actions. At our LEONHARD WEISS Academy, our employees are taught the company values as well as all of the internal and statutory requirements that they need to know in order to work successfully. Refresher seminars guarantee the consistently high level of knowledge within the company. A low number of accidents and low absenteeism are evidence of our effective work toward occupational health and safety.