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    chemically resistant and
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    LW Pharma terrazzo CRL

LW Pharma Terrazzo CRL

LW Pharma Terrazzo CRL is the perfect flooring for the fine chemicals and active ingredients industry. The jointless Terrazzo was developed by LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik as chemical resistant and electrically highly conductive flooring. The flooring visually closely resembles a classic Terrazzo and is used in the active ingredients production for medicinal products in areas exposed to explosion hazards and strong exposure to chemicals. It fulfils all requirements according to the EC regulation of good manufacturing practice (GMP) for medicinal products and FDA (US standard).

Jointless floor for the fine chemicals and active ingredients industry

The jointless floor is used for the new construction and renovation of buildings. It is suitable for use in areas exposed to explosion hazards according to ATEX 100a or BGR 132, as well as in areas with requirements according to the Water Resources Law. LW Pharma Terrazzo CRL, tested by the Technical Supervisory Commission (German: TÜV) is made of a highly chemical resistant epoxy resin with special granulated materials.

High-quality variation

LW Pharma Terrazzo CRL is laid in classy light grey with black granules by the specialists of LEONHARD WEISS Fußbodentechnik. The surface is mat. Thanks to special grinding and filling of pores with a solvent-free, UV-resistant and finely penetrating epoxy resin a surface free of pores can be achieved.
As for LW Pharma Terrazzo, the hygienic flooring for the pharmaceutical industry, all floor connections like pipe penetrations, drains, gullies, floor scales and other floor fittings can be connected without joints.

Convincing advantages


aesthetically appealing hygienic floor

LW Pharma Terrazzo CRL is visually appealing and resembles a terrazzo. Only matt finish surfaces available. All floors are installed by our own personnel.


Jointless and

LW Pharma Terrazzo CRL is laid without any joints. A non-porous surface is achieved thanks to the application of special layers of solvent-free, highly light-resistant and finely penetrating epoxy resin.


GMP- and

LW Pharma Terrazzo CRL is used in pharmaceutical production in hazardous areas and in areas with strong chemical usage. Fulfilling all requirements according to the EU regulation on pharmaceutical production (GMP) and the FDA (US standard).


Excellent realization of all details

Whether wall joints in cavetto or threesided design, whether installations such as slopes, drains, floor scales or tube jointing sleeves – everything can be integrated and connected with ease. This applies both to new builds and redevelopments.

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